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Does All Hands On CPR teach on our site?

Yes. We will come to you to teach, as long as your facilities provide enough room to do so.

Do you provide classes for Indiana teachers?

Yes. If you are a teacher in the state of Indiana the Heartsaver CPR and First aid class is the class for you.

Who should take a CPR class?


Anybody who has ever been in contact with anybody else, ever. Cardiac arrest can happen at anytime to anyone. The sooner someone with CPR skills arrive, the better the outcome can be.

Does All Hands on CPR do recertification?

Yes. Whether you are a medical professional, teacher, or just want to stay up to date on the current science we are more than willing and able to recertify you.

How long does it take to get my certification?

The processing of the certification can be completed the same day you take the class. You should receive an email with your certification in it.

Do you have a travel fee to teach at my facility?

No. We do not charge to come to you to teach your group.

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